Town and Village of Allegany Governments and beyond

The local Government of Allegany is comprised of separate Town and Village governments.

Why is there a Village and a Town? The Town is the smallest form of government created by the State to provide services at the local level. The Village was created when the people decided in 1906 that there was a need for extra services, not provided by the Town within this more densely populated area of the Town. Village government is the only form of government that New York residents can incorporate and dissolve directly, by vote of the people.

The Town, formed by the county in 1831, contains 71.7 square miles, see map (pdf) and 8,233 people as of the 2000 census.

The Town’s Government is made up of a Supervisor and 4 Board Members. The Town provides services such as the Recreation and Parks Department, the Senior Citizen’s Center, the Assessor’s Department to all areas of the town, including the village. Other services such as the Highway Department, Town Courts, Planning, Code Enforcement and water & sewer are provided only for people outside the Village. Taxes to support these Town services are assessed to all residents of the Town, but those residents within the Village pay a different rate than those outside the village.

The Village was founded in 1906 and is the ‘downtown’ area of the highest density of business and residential areas to the west of the 417 bridge over the tracks. The Village makes up 0.7 square miles with 1,883 people as of the 2000 census.

The Village’s Government is made up of a Mayor and 4 Board of Trustees. The Village supports it’s own police force, streets department, planning and zoning ordinance, water & sewer department and garbage pick up. Taxes to support these services are paid only by residents and businesses of the Village.

There is an independent fire district that services residents of both the Town and Village.

The Village and Town are both situated within Cattaraugus County in the State of New York.

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