Frank Snyder
Superintendent of Public Works

Frank Snyder, Superintendent of Public Works
13 South Seventh Street
Mailing Address: 106 East Main Street Allegany, New York 14706
Telephone Number: (716) 373-1380 Fax Number:(716) 373-4388


The Village of Allegany Department of Public Works represents an organization whose existence is justified on the basis of service to our community. There are many responsibilities associated with our mission. They include the operation and maintenance of a drinking water system, a sanitary sewer system, a storm sewer system, a network of streets and village owned buildings, vehicles, equipment, properties and park.

Public Employees must seek and preserve public confidence by demonstrating impartial service and offering service and trust to all members of the public.

It is essential all members remember that in their execution of their duties they act not for themselves but for the good of the public. The department serves the people of our community by performing the public works function in a professional manner and it is to these people that the department is ultimately responsible.

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