At this point, we do not have regularly scheduled meetings, but will pass that information along as schedules are made.

Tree Board Responsibilities

  • The Village of Allegany Tree Board was formed to develop and help facilitate a plan for the development, conservation, and care of the "urban forest".
  • Our goals are to review and update our village tree ordinance, and to develop a long-range plan for the urban forest of the village.
  • In most cases, "urban forest" refers to trees in the village which are in or impact the public right of ways.
  • Our primary purpose is to achieve an urban forest that is safe, healthy, diverse, pleasing to the senses, and functional.
  • Our Bourd welcomes input from interested and knowledgeable sources.

Village Tree Board Members

Chairman Trustee Dominic Papasergi

Member Donald Jay McIntosh - ISA Certified Arborist

Member Sue Cooper, Forester