Town Clerk's Office

Deryle Pinney
Town Clerk

Town Clerk: Deryle Pinney

Location: Town Hall, 52 West Main St., Allegany

Office Hours: Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM - 4:00PM

Telephone: (716) 373-0120 x101

FAX: (716) 373-4522

Email: Town Clerk

The Town Clerk is responsible for issuing the following:

  1. Dog Licenses: Every dog in the town that is over four(4) months old must be licensed. You must show proof of rabies vaccination and if the dog has been neutered or spayed, you must bring that certificate also. The fee for an un-neutered or un-spayed dog is $20.00 and a neutered or spayed dog is $10.00. Kennel licenses can also be issued.
  2. Hunting and Fishing Licenses: Prices vary according to what you want. First time hunting license applicants must show proof of attending a hunter safety course.
  3. Marriage Licenses: The cost is $40.00. Licenses may be obtained by making an appointment with the Town Clerk. Appointments are scheduled at 8:00 A.M. daily. There is a twenty-four hour waiting period once the license is issued and the license is good for sixty days. The couple may get married anywhere in New York State once they receive their license. The couple must apply together and must provide the following:
    • valid Photo ID , SS card and birth certificate
    • Any and all filed divorce decrees
  4. Bingo & Games of Chance Licenses: Prices vary.
  5. Certified Copies of Death, Birth and Marriage Certificates: The cost is $10.00 each. The person had to have been born, died or married in the Town in order for the Clerk to provide this information.
  6. Handicap Parking Permits:There is no charge for these permits. Applications may be obtained from the Clerk for the applicant’s physician to complete. Once completed the permit will be issued.
  7. Transfer Station Tickets:The cost is $5.00 - $10.00. These may be used at any County Transfer Station.

The Clerk also handles all vital records for the Town. She is responsible for the agenda and minutes of all Town Board meetings. Notary public services are available by the Clerk.

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