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The Town of Allegany is located in southeastern Cattaraugus County, New York. It is bounded to the south by the State of Pennsylvania, to the north by the Town of Humphrey, to the east by the Towns of Hinsdale and Olean and by the City of Olean, and to the west by the Towns of Great Valley and Carrollton. The Village of Allegany, a separate municipality, is situated approximately in the center of the Town of Allegany. There are also several small hamlets within the Town, including Rock City, Knapp Creek, and Harrisburg. A portion of the Seneca Nation territory extends into the western part of Allegany, north and south of the Allegheny River. Allegany is the largest town in Cattaraugus County, by area. The Town is strategically located in Cattaraugus County. US Interstate 86 (I-86) bisects the Town, which is served by Exit 24 on this highway. The Town is located approximately 75 miles south of Buffalo, NY and approximately 170 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, PA. It is also about 20 minutes from major tourist attractions in Cattaraugus County, which include the ski areas of Ellicottville, the Seneca Allegany Casino in Salamanca and Allegany State Park. Among the notable features of the Town is Rock City Park, a privately owned recreational facility that is well-known for unique rock formations. Allegany is also home to St. Bonaventure University, an educational institution serving approximately 2400 undergraduate and graduate students. Allegany is nestled in a beautiful natural setting, the foothills of the Allegheny mountains, part of the Appalachian mountain chain. Rising to as high as 2200-2300 feet, the foothills are locally known as the Enchanted Mountains. The Allegheny River flows through Allegany from east to west, roughly bisecting the Town. Historically, Allegany was a rural, agricultural community. The area was first settled in the early 1800s. Allegany is located on land that is part of the Holland Land Company survey. Agriculture and timbering were important economic activities throughout the 1800s. The southern part of Allegany is located on the Bradford Oil Field, which extends into Pennsylvania. Oil extraction became a locally important industry in the late 1800s and still remains a component of the Town's economy. In the past decade, with new retail development in the Town's East End, Allegany has become a regional retail center. The Town has the potential to support additional commercial and industrial development, which will serve not only local residents but also residents throughout Cattaraugus County and beyond, and which will also provide jobs and a strong tax base for the community.

Elected Officials, Employee and Board Member Photos on this Website have been graciously donated by Carl Margeson, Owner, Third Street Studio Photography, 40 North Third Street, Allegany NY (716) 372-5104 - A special thank you to Carl for his many hours of volunteer time, service and equipment in helping to keep our Elected Officials, Employee and Board Member photos up to date.
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Town of Allegany

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Village of Allegany
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