The Department of Public Works (DPW) is located at 13 South Seventh Street in the village. Staff employed at the DPW include a Superintendent, a Working Supervisor and (4) four Maintenance Workers. This department operates and maintains a drinking water system, a sanitary sewer system, and a storm sewer system. The employees of the Department of Public Works also maintain a network of streets, village owned buildings, vehicles, equipment, properties and park.

Regular hours of business at the DPW are 7:00AM through 3:30PM Monday - Friday. The DPW Superintendent and employees of the DPW can be contacted at (716) 373-1380 for any questions, requests and/or complaints etc...

Department of Public Works Personnel

Frank Snyder
Superintendent of Public Works

Timothy Peterson Anthony Papasergi
Serving Since 11/17/08Serving Since 12/12/07

Mark Hastings Richard Stady
Serving Since 01/04/16Serving Since 05/23/16

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