In 1922, the Company purchased its first piece of automated equipment, a Model T Ford Chemical Truck. From the late 30's to the late 50's the company equipment list consisted of two Mack pumpers (known as the "Big Mack" and the "Little Mack" - picture at top right), a Sanford pumper, an International Squad Car, a Packard Ambulance and a Pontiac Ambulance. As the years passed, the Department utilized many more pieces of equipment. Records show that along with a used 1941 Chevrolet Pumper, donated by St. Bonaventure University, a GMC American La France pumper was purchased in 1961. Future purchases also included a 1964 International Metro Utility Truck, an American La France Custom Pumper in 1964, a 1966 GMC Brush Truck, a 1970 Cadillac Ambulance and a Young Pumper Tanker in 1972. In 1975, a fast attack Mini Pumper was purchased, as was a Dodge Van Ambulance, which replaced a GMC Suburban that had been purchased in 1968. In 1979 a GMC Horton Ambulance replaced the Metro Utility Truck. Through periodic change the list of equipment would grow bigger and stronger. In 1981 a Ford Braun Ambulance was purchased, a 1984 GMC Truck was purchased and turned into a Brush Truck (designed and built by the Firemen), replacing the 1966 GMC Brush Truck, a 1987 GMC Road Rescue Ambulance replaced the 1975 Dodge Van Ambulance, a 1977 Young Pumper replaced the 1961 GMC, a 1982 Pierce Pumper replaced the 1964 American La France, a 1991 Pierce Pumper replaced the 1975 Dodge Mini Pumper, a 1951 American La France Ladder Truck was purchased to replace a 1939 American La France Ladder Truck that was purchased in 1981, a 1993 Ford Road Rescue Ambulance replaced the 1979 Horton Ambulance, a Rescue Boat was purchased as well as a trailer mounted 15KW Generator. In 1995 a 3000 Gallon S&S Pumper Tanker was purchased to replace the 1972 Young Pumper Tanker. The first recorded Hand Pumper was purchased for $140.00, compared to the 1995 3000 Gallon Pumper Tanker which was purchased for $269,000.00.

Alarm Systems

In 1920's the Company started using the Civil Defense Sirens to alert its members to emergency calls. Eventually, Allegany had a total of four sirens located in various places throughout the Village. To add to their effectiveness, a home monitor, or plectron system was utilized in 1966. Both the sirens and plectrons were replaced with pagers in 1989 and are still currently being utilized as our main alert system today.