• Results of the Town Supervisor Special Election

    See Who Won the 2018 Town Supervisor Election held on Tues Nov 6th

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  • Christmas Tree pick-up begins Dec 27th

    Christmas Trees that are put out in the subway areas in village will be

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  • At any given point in time there are a number of public works projects in progress that for your safety and convenience you should be aware of... {read more...}

    Town of Allegany

    Town Hall
    52 West Main St.
    Allegany, NY 14706

    Phone: (716) 373-0120

    Fax: (716) 373-4522

    Village of Allegany

    Village of Allegany
    Municipal Building
    106 East Main Street
    Allegany, NY 14706

    Phone: (716) 373-1460

    Fax: (716) 373-4388