Water Department Mission Statement:

The Allegany Water Department is committed to insure that the collection, treatment, storage, transmission and distribution of water is done in a professional manner intended to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the community. To provide potable water that is satisfactory for drinking in its physical, chemical and biological characteristics meeting or exceeding all federal, state and local drinking water requirements. To produce adequate quantities of water to meet the demands for consumption, industrial uses, and fire suppression in a cost effective manner that preserves the public's investment in the Water System.

Water Department Operations

The village water system is serviced and maintained by the employees of the Department of Public Works. The Department of Public Works Superintendent oversees the operations at the Water Department and is assisted by Working Supervisor Frank Snyder. The Chief Water Operator is Tim Peterson who possesses a NYS Class B and D water license. Other members of the DPW who posses water licenses are: Anthony Papasergi, who possesses a NYS Class B, C and D water license, Mark Hastings and Richard Stady who both possess a NYS Class B and D water license and Frank Snyder who possess a NYS Class C water license . Our water system serves 5278 people through 800 service connections in the Village of Allegany and 125 service connections in the Town of Allegany and St. Bonaventure University. Regular maintenance of the water well houses and testing of water is conducted daily. The Village of Allegany contracts with the Town of Allegany to supply water to their water districts including Saint Bonaventure University.

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Water Department Facilities

The Village of Allegany Water Department has three well houses where water is pumped and treated for public consumption. Water Well House #1 is located on North First Street. Water Well House #2 is located on South Seventh Street and Water Well House #3 is located on East Union Street. Each well is at a depth of approximately 50 feet. Wells one and two produce quality water at a rate of 600 gallons per minute. Well three produces quality water at a rate of 650 gallons per minute.

Our water system serves 5278 people through 800 service connections in the Village of Allegany and 125 service connections in the Town of Allegany.

Major projects planned for the 2016-2017 Budget year:

  • Replace Fire Hydrants and Water Main Valves in the following areas:
    • White Oak
    • Upland
  • Repair, Upgrade and Paint Distribution Buildings
  • Continue to prepare and do testing and adjusting on the newly installed SCADA System in preparation to get Health Department approval to let system run via the new SCADA System
  • Obtain right of ways and begin installing a new 8" water main in the north end of the village connecting the North First Street water main to the North Second Street water main - Phase #1 of Project. In future replace an existing 2 inch water main with a new 8 inch water main on North Second Street from Elm Street northerly to the end of Second Street - Phase #2 of Project.
  • Start installing Water Main Meters and Meter Pits on water mains servicing water districts located outside of village.
  • Replace water main valves at all three Water Well Houses.

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