Village Trustees

The Village Board of Trustees consist of the Mayor, elected for a four year term and a four member board, also elected for four year terms.


The Village of Allegany Board of Trustees normally meet on the First and Third Mondays of the month at 6:00 PM. Meetings are held at the Village of Allegany Municipal Building, located at 106 East Main Street Allegany, New York 14706.

Board Duties

The Board of Trustees has the responsibility for the management of all village property and finances. They are charged with the protection of all Village property and the safety, health, comfort and general welfare of Village residents. They must see that personal property is protected, preserve the peace and good order, benefit trade and preserve and protect the public works system.

Village Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Board Meeting Agenda

Board Meeting Minutes

Village Annual Budgets
( Annual Budget - June 1st through May 31st )

Village of Allegany Annual Adopted Budgets

Allegany Village Board of Trustees

Current Village Board

Greg Pearl (2019)
Mayor (4 Year Term)
Kelly Granger (2021) Jerry Cummins Sr. (2021)
Deputy Mayor/Trustee (4 Year Term)Trustee (4 Year Term)

Robert Barton (2019) Melissa Meyers (2019)
Trustee (4 Year Term) Trustee (4 Year Term)

Village Board Standing Committees

Highway Department: Trustee Robert Barton

Water Department: Trustee Melissa Meyers and Trustee Robert Barton

Sewer Department: Trustee Jerry Cummins Sr. and Trustee Robert Barton

Police Department: Deputy Mayor Kelly Granger

Code Enforcement Mayor Gregory Pearl

Fire Department Liaison: Mayor Gregory Pearl

Budget: Mayor Gregory Pearl

Sidewalks: Trustee Melissa Meyers

Trees: Trustee Jerry Cummins Sr.

Village Offices: Deputy Mayor Kelly Granger

Contracts: Deputy Mayor Kelly Granger

Zoning/Planning Boards: Trustee Melissa Meyers

Village / Town / School Liasion: Trustee Jerry Cummins Sr.

Safety Commmittee: Deputy Mayor Kelly Granger

Personnel Committee: Deputy Mayor Kelly Granger

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