Meeting Times

The Planning Board meets the second Monday of each month, unless otherwise noted. Their meetings are held at 7:00 P.M. in the conference room at the Town Hall located at 52 West Main St. Allegany, NY. Applications must be received a minimum of two weeks before the meeting date in order to be added to the agenda.

2019 Planning Board Schedule

Find the current Planning Board Agenda, along with previous agendas and minutes, on the Town Board Minutes Page.


The Town of Allegany has established both a Planning Board and a Zoning Board of Appeals to help guide development in the town. Similar boards are responsible for issues within the Village of Allegany.

The responsibilities include reviewing the site plans of town projects and assessing their environmental impacts, the granting of Special Use Permits, and the implementation of subdivision regulations. For more information, contact the Building and Zoning Office in the Town Hall.

The Board consists of five members appointed for up to five year terms. One member is appointed annually as Chairman.

Planning Board Members

Frank DeFiore (2018)
Chairman (1yr)
Pete Hellier (2019) John Sayegh (2021)
Board Member (5 yrs) Board Member (5 yrs)

Rick Kavanaugh (2022) Joe Chamberlain (2020)
Board Member (5 yrs)Board Member (5 yrs)

To contact the Planning Board members:

  • Phone: leave a message with Code Enforcement Office clerk at 716-372-4076
  • EMail: Planning Board




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