Dog Control Officer

Scott Peters
Dog Control Officer

Scott Peters

Phone Numbers to use for contacting the Dog Control Officer in Allegany are:

  • Home: 716 968 9748
  • Cell: 716 790 3083
  • Joyful Rescues: 716 372 3661

In the Town and Village of Allegany the Dog Control officer will only pick up dogs, pursuant to Article 7 of the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Law, its rules and regulations.

If you have lost your dog, there is a stray dog around your area or you are having various dog related problems, you may call the Dog Control Officer and/or Joyful Rescues by dialing the telephone numbers listed above or you can contact or send information and/or pictures to Joyful Rescues by e-mail at: Joyful Rescues E-Mail The normal business hours at Joyful Resources that phones are answered is 8am - 3pm Monday - Saturday. You may also call the Town Clerk

For more information on Dogs and Joyful Rescues services click on their website link: Joyful Rescues Website

Please Note The Dog Control Officer does not pick up deceased dogs. The Dog Control Officer's duties are to help the municipality to enforce Article 7, its rules and regulations.

The Town Clerk's Office has a copy of Article 7 of the NYS Agriculture & Markets Law on file if any one is interested in it, or you can click on the link below to view it in pdf.

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Article 7 of the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets above is in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format. A free copy of Acrobat Reader may be downloaded by clicking on the following image:

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