Fire Department Officers

Rick StadyLance Jobe
Fire ChiefEngine Co. President

Fire Department Line Officers

Chief: Rick Stady| 1ST Assistant Chief: Jeremy Crowley
2ND Assistant Chief: Mark Belli | 3RD Assistant Chief: Rob Jones
4TH Assistant Chief: Anthony Papasergi | 5TH Assistant Chief: Tom Henderson

Picture from left to right:
front row:Mark Belli, Rick Stady, Jeremy Crowley
back row:Tom Henderson, Anthony Papasergi, Rob Jones

Allegany Engine Company Inc. Officers

President: Lance Jobe Vice-President: Jack Peck
Secretary-Treasurer: William D. Papasergi
Assistant Secretary-Treasurer: Gordon Scott

Picture from left to right:
Lance Jobe, Jack Peck, William D. Papasergi, Gordon Scott

Fire Advisory Board Members

Chairman: Frank Hall | Member:Stan Hedden | Member:Bill Coon
Member:Joe Gonska| Member:Ron Lemon | Member:Dave Elling
Fire Chief: Rick Stady| President: Lance Jobe

Picture from left to right:
front row:Frank Hall, Bill Coon, Stan Hedden, Rick Stady
back row:Ron Lemon, Dave Elling, Lance Jobe, Joe Gonska

Fire Police Officers

Fire Police Captain: Frank Hall

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